Packing tips

Bulbs and Lamps Shades

  • Use plain, white paper (not newspaper) as a protecting lining between every shade.
  • Don’t baggage the rest with lampshades.
  • The Quote “FRAGILE” on the cartons help while handling lamps.

Picture and Mirrors

  • choose a box that, when open, is larger than your image.
  • Open rock bottom of the carton, then flatten it out. Seal one in all the open sides with tape. Lay the image of mirror face down on many sheets of paper, then fold over the perimeters of the paper and seal them with tape. Slide the image or mirror into the unsealed aspect of your carton and seal the carton’s finish with tape.
  • Mark these boxes & QUOTGLASS” and cargo them on finish.


  • garments on hangers area unit best stirred in a very special closet carton.
  • ne’er move garments in garment baggage. Garment baggage can’t rise up to the strain of moving.
  • Leave garments in dressers, however make certain that the drawers aren’t too significant if a drawer is just too heave, it should be broken throughout the trip.

Washing Machines

  • Secure spring-mounted motors.
  • Brace the bathtub to forestall injury.
  • Wedge special tub inserts within the house between the bathtub and sidewalls.
  • Disconnect hoses and place them in tightly sealed sandwich baggage within the machine’s tub.

Refrigerators and Freezers

  • Defrost, dry and cargo white goods in upright position, exploitation it’s within house for large, light-weight merchandise like giant stuffed toys or pillows.
  • Before birth white goods down for a move, discuss with its manufacturer. Most brands are often stirred on their sides.
  • don’t connect the appliance in your new home till the unit has stood upright for a minimum of twenty four hours

Home physics
Wrap tiny instrumentality in many foam artefact, baggage them in a very box and cargo it on prime of a soft item, like a settee.

our special Packing can keep mattresses and box springs contemporary and clean..


  • Tiny boxes area unit the right size for books.
  • baggage books flat in order that the spines won’t break, and don’t jam them in tightly.
  • never baggage fragile things with books.

Chest of Drawers, Desks, etc.

  • Breakable things area unit are well cushioned and given good support.
  • Table: Take away legs from all tables and masses the flat, because surfaces are jumpy. If this can’t do, load tables on their prime surfaces, legs up, taking care to safeguard the end with blankets or artefact.
  • Dishes:
    Line rock bottom of a dish pack with many layers of paper for additional padding.
  • Place one plate within the centre of the sheets of paper and pull many sheets over it.
  • Stack successive plate on prime and pull another sheets of paper over to hide the stacked plates.
  • Cups and Glasses

  • Cups and glasses could also be nested (place within every other), with 3 layers of paper between every glass and cup as a protecting lining.
  • Place one glass/cup within another, wrap every with 2 additional sheets of paper then insert another glass/cup. Finally, wrap the bundle with an oversized sheet of paper.
  • bundle these nested bundles in boxes with dividers. Or box stuffed with paper cutting.
  • If a bundle doesn’t reach the highest of the box, stuff extra packing paper within the compartment to fill it up.
  • Wrap and pack goblets and stemware severally, don’t nest them

Small room Appliances

  • Tiny things like blenders and occasional manufacturers ought to be packed along.
  • Wrap every appliance singly with 2 or 3 sheets of paper and place it within the box.
  • Fill empty areas with paper or use the house of different, lighter things.
  • Pots, Pans and huge bowls

  • 3 pots, pans or bowls sometimes are often nested one within the opposite, like cups and glasses.
  • Take an oversized box and line rock bottom with wadded-up paper for additional protection.
  • take away the shade and bulb, and wrap the twine round the base of the lamp.
  • Wrap packing paper round the lamp, tuck this paper in at the bottom, and tape all seams round the bundle wherever the paper overlaps. Place the lamp within the lined carton.
  • If you’ve got many tall table lamps, place them within the carton that the base of 1 lamp is facing the highest of successive.
  • once a box is packed with lamps, fill it up with many paper.

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